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We have the opportunity to interact with the bases of operations thanks to our ACARS FSAirlines. Simulating reality closer!

We have a maintenance center to be able to operate the aircraft safely and we are also leaders in economic strength in Mexico as a virtual airline based on our ACARS system.

Our first base and one of the strongest economically since several of our international flights depart from it. 

Cancun, MMUN


Second economically strong base since it is one of the places where our fleet  commercial and cargo make very good connections.

Mexico City AICM, MMMX


The regional fleet departs from this busy airport with excellent air operations opportunities for the VA.

Toluca, MMTO


Executive fleet base strategically designed for operations in North America, being excellent charter destinations.

Ciudad Juárez, MMCS

In this subbase of operations we also carry out training and have Alas del Sur VA offices and are planning upcoming virtual air operations.

Ciudad del Carmen, MMCE

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