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We dedicate a very important part to our training in Alas del Sur, so that virtual pilots have the knowledge to operate in a more realistic way and at the same time have fun, knowing everything from how to start a Cessna 172 to how to start an Airbus 320, and be able to fly under real conditions.


It should be noted that the personnel in charge of the courses are professional personnel in the field of aviation. We are happy to help you as a virtual pilot.


There should only be two requirements to meet to sign up for virtual training:


  1. Be part of ADS Virtual.

  2. Be an active ADS Virtual pilot.

Also as an active ADS pilot you can request training at any time and it will be scheduled according to the capabilities of the training team.


You can also become an Alas del Sur instructor by accumulating flight hours in a fun virtual pilot career.

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